One Life
To Love

Illumination Gathering

We gather as one to CO-CREATE and

ILLUMINATE all of our colors.


A one day celebration of Music,

Prayer, Meditation, Medicine, Art, Healing, Holistic Practices, Expression, Spirituality, Community Connection, Love & Light.

It's one thing to just give energy,

But if we are giving it to someone who is also giving it back,

We begin to build energy amoung ourselves.

It amplifies back-and-fourth.

If we were all doing this, humanity would take another step in evolution.

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One life
to love


Illumination Gathering Festival: Aquarian Ascension

Our Intention Behind the Creation of Illumination Gathering Festival:

To Illuminate within your own inner being.

To shine light on the parts of ourselves which have been abandoned or repressed; pushed into the shadows.


Take what you learn here and bring it home with you. 

Naturally shine from within!


In your existing you will inspire other to do the work for themselves & the collective will heal into a new world of infinite possibilities.


It all starts with us!

You are the catalyst to a ripple effect that will last long after you leave this human experience.


"We are all just walking each other home" -Ram Dass

. . .

As we reclaim the abandoned parts of ourselves

 100% of the festival ticket sales will go to building a children's home in India to house and educate the abandoned children known as "The Untouchables",

children tainted by their birth into a caste system that deems them impure or less than human.

. . .

For more information about the organization's mission visit One Life To Love



Illumination Gathering Collective

By offering your contribution 

you are engaging in Alchemy,

& the Illumination of many!


the collective is the container, 

our guests come to the container to experience transformation, 

and the generated collective energy from everyone does the transmuting.


Without the container, 

alchemy is not possible.


You are it! 

You bring the experience to be experienced!

Thank You!

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