"This Is How I Illuminate!" - Part 1

This weeks "This Is How I Illuminate" features Live Artist, AllisonFranco.

Live Artist, Allison Franco

Q: "What does Illuminating mean to you?"

A: "To me Illuminating means bringing light to the darkness from within. Like planting a seed and watching a flower bloom. Under the soil it is dark and deep with nutrients but once a seed is planted in the soil, it is given a new life to nurture, a “light” that eventually will grow and spring up returning its love to the soil while also giving life to the world above it."

Q: "How do you choose to Illuminate from within?"

A: "I choose to Illuminate from within by facing my fears and confronting my demons, whatever they might be, whether it’s insecurities or negative thoughts that may feel overpowering. Choosing to do something that brings me true joy will always over power and bring light to that darkness. Returning to the love that I have for self expression and Dance. If I can dance with my demons I show that I am the one in control of my own light. If I feel I can’t verbally express something or write it down I go to the only thing that I know how and that’s motion. I am EnergyInMOTION. As well as expressing through creative art , it helps me see more clearly what I actually might be feeling or can’t understand. Painting a visual picture is another way that helps me to illuminate that darkness from within."

Q: "How does this impact your life?"

A: "It brings a certain awareness of self like no other. To be able to feel this vulnerability within myself and then express it outwards is amazing and sometimes very challenging. But it’s made me feel a little bit more goal oriented in the sense that I want to get to the bottom of whatever is going on within. I want to see the nitty gritty in order to understand myself better and become more transparent with the people I am around. It inspires me to bring out this darkness and be a light for myself so that I can be that same light for others and the ones that I love. To show that it is okay to feel darkness and it is okay to be in that darkness because no matter what the way THROUGH is with that light that is within. And if I can show and share that with someone else, I know that any time I may feel lost or become blinded by the darkness, another will be doing that same inner work and be that Reminder for me. We’re all here to help bring each other up and out through all obstacles and challenges we may face."

Q: "Can you share with us your experience at Illumination Gathering?"

A: "My experience at Illumination Gathering was honestly Eye opening. Having known Vinny and Jess when it was merely an idea/conversation, then to actually see it unfold right before your eyes is beautiful. It goes to show the True power We as individuals and as a collective have to really make something happen. Make a change and create something that will impact not only this generation but generations to come! Anything can happen if you put your mind to it and that’s one of things Vinny and Jess have taught me by curating Illumination Gathering. 

As for my experience with the Gathering itself, I have never felt so apart of something and so much love and togetherness and support with a group of people the way I do at Illumination Gathering. I displayed my biggest work of art yet for the first time EVER at The second Gathering “ A Very Dubby Holiday”  and although I was extremely nervous to put myself out there and even give myself the credit of being an actual “Artist”. 

When I finally showed up for myself I realized that there was never anything to fear in the first place. The Feeling Of Love and acceptance overflowed me, the Acknowledgment and interest that fellow Live Artists and friends took into my work was such an eye opener for me. It made me see my work in such a different light. It showed me that my set intentions came through into my piece which was that I wanted to show a visual representation and reflection of my mind but also of the viewers. Illumination helped me see more clearly just how much light/Energy there is within me and others and how when we all come together and share that light together we can Inspire , Influence and Impact the WORLD. "

Q: "Any final thoughts you would like to add?"

A: "I would just like to  Thank Vinny and Jess for seriously putting yourselves out there and making this happen. There can be tons of festivals and tons of gatherings that people can curate but none will ever compare to Illumination Gathering. This is family. Brotherhood and Sisterhood. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be apart of this And I can’t wait to see the growth of what Illumination Gathering will become.

We’re here to spread the word and let it be known that if we all come together and be there for each other. Be Kind to each other. Support and choose to Love each other as a collective no matter who you are, what you’ve been through or what you are growing through ! We all THRIVE when we come together and Illuminate."

You can follow Allison Franco at @allisonxfuccko

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